3 months on the road!

I don’t think either of us were expecting to be gone so long when we started this trip. In the past 3 months, we have been to 34 states and 3 provinces. We generally spent no more than 3 days in any one place, although there were a couple exceptions (Bethel, Maine for 7 days, New York City for 4).

States we spent the most time in:
12 days – Florida
9 days – California
7 days – Maine
6 days – Texas
5 days – Nevada, Arizona
4 days – Ontario, Quebec, Masachusetts, New York, Washington, British Columbia* (still here, 3 days and counting)

A couple states we only drove through with little to no stops: Alabama, Virginia, New Jersey, Indiana, Idaho

We’ve touched 3 states in a single day on several occasions, but we have only hit 4 states in one day once (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio). We would have had a 4 state day for North Carolina, Virginia, Deleware, Maryland, but we never made it to Deleware.

Countless bugs have died on our windshield. Once a particularly disgusting bloody bug splatted on the windshield and Travis woke me up to make me look at it before he wiped it off. We’ve driven about 15,000 miles. We got the oil changed in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

The cheapest we filled up on gas was back in Arizona at $1.79/gallon. The most expensive gas was Washington at $2.99, but that’s not a fair assessment since gas has gradually gotten more expensive throughout the journey. The most expensive gas we saw was in Death Valley where it was over $3 back in April, or perhaps Canada. Canada lists gas as price/liter in the Canadian dollar so I’m not really sure what that translates to in the American dollar (Travis says ~$4/gal).

About 25% of the food we eat is American (which is a vague category), and 25% is fast food. The other 50% is split up, primarily between Mexican, Asian, Italian/Pizza with some seafood, home cooking and desserts as a meal thrown in. We’ve also had some Brazilian, Cuban and French food.

One of the things I find most interesting about being on the road for 3 months is that I’ve started to think of most things in terms of “where” rather than “when.” I can’t really remember when the last time I had sushi, or played miniature golf or went to a movie, but I definitely remember where I was. I think about where I was two weeks ago, and it’s hard to believe we had barely left the east coast. Yellowstone feels like ages ago and it was only last week.

Another thing we’ve noticed is that the star rating of motels and hotels seems to directly related to the likelihood of them charging for internet and/or parking. Hotels with more stars = more likely to charge for internet; does this make the internet better? No. The internet quality seems to be completely random. Some big hotels will have only a single router somewhere central, and some really small cheap hotels will have a router for each wing. The most frustrating hotels are the ones that don’t have internet, although it’s always fun to enter the room and see a sign that says you can get internet “for the low price of $15.95/day” (looking at you Vancouver!)

I want to do more “top this” or “top that” lists, but I feel like all my lists should wait until the trip is over so I can make a nice finalized version. We are both very ready to go home, but we are hovering in British Columbia (and/or heading north) for a few weeks while Travis has some temporary work. Hopefully we’ll come home soon!

Places in the last month that made it onto the good list
For Travis: Boston, New York, Vancouver, Seattle
For Lindsay: same as Travis + Yellowstone

Places in the last month that made it onto the bad list
For Travis: Chicago (he says it’s worse than Miami)
For Lindsay: I didn’t really dislike anywhere; I didn’t drive in Chicago. I wasn’t a big fan of the scary bug swarms in Cleveland.

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