Chasing waterfalls

We decided to go back to New Hampshire for a few hours since we didn’t get an opportunity to explore last week (because of rain). Originally I wanted to do the Conway Scenic Railroad in North Conway, NH, but the timing of the departures would have made it inconvenient for Travis to do his stocks. Also, I wanted to take pictures of the train rather than from in the train, but we ended up doing neither. Instead, we decided to go to New Hampshire in search of waterfalls because I’ve been wanting to play around with long exposure water shots. We ended up stopping at a random brook trail and Crystal Cascade waterfall.

I was content with the waterfalls we found; however I continue to be disappointed at the lack of moose.

Tonight is the last night of our week long stay in Maine — it was fun to relax and do almost nothing all week, but I’m ready to move on, especially since the next stop is Lexington, MA!

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