Final leg home…

After our Wednesday wanderings of Portland, Oregon and Crater Lake National Park, we finally found our way back to California after nearly 4 months. We initially had planned to drive to Eureka, CA, but instead drove all the way to Sacramento, CA (although we still did drive through the Redwoods National Park and state parks).

The Redwoods National Park had a lot of very tall trees. We found out that the trees in Redwoods Nat’l Park are taller than those at Sequoia, but not as fat. We didn’t go to see out the tallest tree or the widest tree at the park — we basically drove straight through and then passed out in Sacramento.

In Sacramento we dined with Leila and took pictures of the capitol. We saw the capitol in Sacramento the first time we were here this journey but failed at taking pictures. I now officially have pictures of all the capitols we saw this trip — Sacramento, Austin, Baton Rouge, Annapolis, Harrisburg, Montpelier, Boston, Providence and Olympia (I might have forgotten some). We drove through Tuscon, St. Paul and Salem but did not stop for pictures. Oh well. Taking pictures of capitols was more of an afterthought rather than an objective anyway.

We are in the last leg of our journey, planning to be back to our starting point this coming Wednesday. We hit our 4 month mark yesterday. Usually I try to sum things up thus far for each month, but since we are returning home in a few days I’ll save all those trip round-up and lessons learned until then. We arrived in San Luis Obispo, CA on Friday, and tomorrow we are heading to San Simeon, CA to go camping and wine tasting for 2 days with Bryan and Behshad. Our trip started out by visiting Leila in Sacramento then camping with Bryan and Behshad, so I feel like we’re completing some sort of circle these last few days before coming home.

See you all soon!

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