Hershey’s Chocolate World

Hershey, Pennsylvania! Where the streetlights are Hershey Kisses and everything is made of chocolate!

I always thought it’d be cool to go to Hershey, PA, so yesterday I finally got that chance. They have a lot of attractions there — various chocolate tours, museums, an amusement park and a zoo (at the very least). Their street lamps are Hershey Kisses, and I swear I saw some licorice fences. It’s basically the Disneyland of Hershey’s chocolate. Yum.

We went to Hershey’s Chocolate World, which is a complex with a massive gift store of everything you could possibly imagine that is chocolate flavored or made by Hershey, a 3D show with dancing candy, a chocolate tasting tour, and a factory tour. We decided to go with the 3D show and the chocolate tasting tour; the show was a bit corny, but the chocolate tasting “class” was informative and fun (and tasty). It was like wine tasting for chocolate, except instead of swirling the wine, smelling it and tasting it, we would listen to, smell and taste the chocolate, meaning we’d snap it near our ear (because dark chocolate is harder than milk chocolate, different sound, etc), then smell it, then let it melt on our tongue. Delicious.

Luckily, we passed the class without too much effort and they gave us a diploma for a Master’s degree in chocolate tasting from Hershey University. I’ll have to put that on my resume.

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