I miss Key West

Key West I think goes in the #1 spot on my list of favorite destinations this journey. I loved how pretty the beaches were, I liked that it wasn’t too huge, and I had fun trying some new water activities I’d never tried before.

On Thursday, our 2nd day in Key West (3rd day in the Florida Keys), we went on an all day water adventure excursion. There was parasailing, jet skiing, snorkeling, and some water trampolines and climbing wall. The trampoline was pretty hard to climb on top of, since it was basically like climbing onto a 3 foot tall inner tube except there was a semi-springy trampoline on top. We bounced around a little bit for fun, and then tried to climb the “rock wall” thing, which was a 10 foot tall blow-up water toy with a bunch of handles on one side, and then a smooth slope on the other side so if you were accomplished enough to climb up the thing, you could slide down the other side as your reward. I only managed to grab the 3rd level of handles, since it was pretty hard just to get situated on it to begin with; Travis got to the top though. Yay him.

My favorite thing of the day was parasailing, which we went tandem on so I got to go up into the sky with Travis. It was actually pretty fun, because you get a really great view and it’s not at all noisy or windy or anything I had imagined. I would say it’s like the feeling of Soarin’ Over California at Disney’s California Adventure (I know I always compare things to Disneyland… whatever.) We could have stayed completely dry on the parasailing, but our guide intentionally dunked us in the water on the way up and the way down, which was really nice, although the second time we were dunked the getting dragged through the water almost pulled off my swimsuit bottoms.

After that we tried jet skiing, which was a little scarier. I am always kind of afraid I’m going to tip over water vessels, I think because when I was learning how to sail in Boston I almost did tip over my little Lido boat in the Charles River, and everyone had told me the water in there was really nasty. But anyway, so I wasn’t sure how fast I could turn the jet ski without tipping over (it turns out, very fast), so I had a lot of starting and stopping because I would go really fast then accidentally turn the jet ski slightly and let go of the throttle and stop randomly in the water. It was fun though. It was much better when Travis and I switched places and I just had to hang onto him and he drove around really fast.

After our water excursion day, we wandered around town for a little while before going back to the docks for a sunset sail. Sunset wasn’t spectacular, since it was a clear night and usually it’s the clouds in the sky which make sunsets more interesting.

The next day we got woken up at 4am by roosters. Yes, roosters. Key West has a rather interesting feral rooster population. We had actually seen them the first day we were there as we were walking downtown. The first rooster we saw in a planter we though “oh, that’s cute, I wonder where he came from,” thinking someone had lost their rooster. But then we heard another one — this one was behind a fence though, so it wasn’t that odd. But then we saw another one, wandering around a parking lot. It cock-a-doodle-doo’d at me. At this point we realized Key West had some sort of random rooster collection, since once we started hitting the tourist shops in town several of them had rooster pictures and shirts in the windows. So anyway, there were roosters everywhere in Key West, and they wake up at 4:00am. And 4:05am. And 4:10am. Etc.

So after being rudely woken by roosters several times, we set out for Miami. As soon as we got to Miami, I decided I didn’t like it. I’m not sure whether it was the man who told us we had 15 minutes to check in and move the car to a parking lot somewhere far, unless we wanted to pay $40 for valet, or the way people dressed, or that our hotel was weird and noisy. People seemed too dressed up for a beach town. They all had weird shoes — like the sandals that lace up with strings to your knees like ballet shoes, or there was this girl who’s shoes looked like boot length, except with flip-flop toes. Maybe I just felt under dressed. Anyway, I decided I didn’t like it. Too many people, too many clubs. I don’t like walking around places where people hand me fliers or ask me for money. Maybe I didn’t really give Miami (or South Beach, or whatever we are) a chance, but I don’t really care to since I could just go back to Key West and be happy and hug roosters.

We haven’t really done anything in Miami — we took a walk last night for dinner, and again for lunch today. For lunch today, we were wandering towards the Wings and Rings place down the street for chicken wings, but got distracted by people offering $9.99 entrees at a random restaurant we passed. It was some sort of afternoon special (we were eating lunch at 2:00 or so), and we were thinking there would be some sort of fine print, but decided to go with it anyway. We each got some steak for $9.99, but when we got the bill we found out that our non-alcoholic beverages (Coke and iced tea) were $6.75 each (they had been served in giant margarita glasses). *sigh*

Other than that we used the time to catch up on our internet laziness while watching MythBusters and Out of the Wild on the Discovery Channel all day.

I’m excited to leave Miami tomorrow. Very excited.

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