Mono Lake and Hot Creek Geological Site

Panorama at Mono Lake
Today we left Lake Tahoe in the morning and began the journey towards Death Valley — we decided we weren’t necessarily arriving at Death Valley today (so we could spend more time being aimless and seeing sites on the road). In the end, drove most of the way to Death Valley (stopped in Bishop, CA), but we stopped at Mono Lake and the Hot Creek Geological Site (near Mammoth). It was cold and snowy/rainy/windy for most of the day, but we had plenty of time for photo ops.
Tufa at Mono LakeMore seagulls than I ever saw at the beachToasty Sandy Ground at Mono LakeRandom Deserted House on the FreewayHot Creek Geological SiteHot Creek Geological Site

Not much to report other than that. Tomorrow we head on to Death Valley wanderings, then Vegas on Sunday.

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