Murphy’s Law of Bear Sightings

Today we drove Vancouver Island south to north, Victoria to Port Hardy. We decided not to partake in any random tourist activities, since the two things that were most appealing were more gardens or bear tours — we went to the best garden yesterday, and any bear tours would have likely been pretty expensive. Travis had thought there was a grizzly bear tour on the island, but I couldn’t find any information on it. All the information I found online about Vancouver Island said there were black bears, but grizzly bears were rare since there are no known grizzly bear colonies on the island.

Either way, we weren’t anticipating bear sightings, but we were hoping we’d get lucky. Travis told me to get my camera ready, but I told him if I got my camera prepped we certainly wouldn’t see any bears, since Murphy’s Laws of bear sightings certainly would require me to not have my camera remotely near me if we wanted to see bears. We always find cool things when my camera is not ready, and we are always duly disappointed if I have it prepped.

I left my camera in the back until Travis thought he saw a bear. He turned around to go back and look, but it was just a lumpy pile of hay. We decided he was seeing things, and continued on our way; however, another 100 kilometers down the road we saw a black fuzz walking down the side of the road which was most definitely a bear. We doubled back to see it, and I took tons of pictures as we drove by. We were a bit closer than you’re supposed to be to a bear, but he was so cute and eating flowers (we didn’t get out of the car).

Anyway, we were excited to see a black bear, probably closer than we’ll ever find one again. I think we saw some bald eagles while we were at dinner, but I didn’t have my camera with me at that point. Excited for whale watching on the 15 hour ferry tomorrow.

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