Napa is a nice change from Bakersfield.

No doubt about it, it is infinitely prettier in Napa than it was staring in Bakersfield. We had fun yesterday wandering around the vineyards and a nearby lake. The vineyards themselves aren’t super exciting because all the plants are very small still, but there were a lot of nice wildflowers and other scenery.

I need to take pictures of sheep, but we saw a bunch yesterday and couldn’t find any today on the ride back to Sacramento. It’s okay though, because Travis and I are heading back there tonight for 2 more nights of camping.

As far as the wine tasting goes, there are a ton of wineries in Napa, but I gotta say I prefer the experience in Paso Robles more. Napa has just as many vineyards, but they are all more expensive; like in Paso you can usually taste for free, or if they charge you it’s because you get to keep your wine glass (and it’s only $5-10 anyway). Napa most places seemed to be $10-20, with no free glasses. It was also generally more crowded (although I guess it was a Saturday).

It was still fun though. We went to Sutter Home first right before lunch, which is a brand I recognize from the grocery stores. They gave Leila and I their sweeter wines, which I thought tasted mostly the same (and like juice). I guess I’m not a big fan of white zinfandel, white cabernet sauvignon, and white merlot. I wasn’t even aware that all those wines came in “white” form (I had only heard of white zinfandel prior). I guess it has to do with grape skins in the fermentation process or something. The guy explained it to another group there, but I couldn’t hear very well.

After that we found a vineyard that did Saturday BBQs, so we all got some tasty sandwiches and ribs. I guess they did free wine tasting there, but we didn’t try any because it was ridiculously crowded inside and out. They did have an awesome display of cheese though. I didn’t get any of that either.

After that we found a lake, found some wineries, went to the grocery store… It was pretty fun overall; got better later in the day once the people seemed to stop charging us for tasting fees if we were nice to them.

Some pictures from vineyards, driving, hiking and lake. 🙂

Some wildflowers outside a vineyardPanning picture while drivingAbandoned looking cabin Leila and I found while wandering
Lake Hennessey

Heading back to Napa now for some more camping fun!

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