New Friends in Lake Tahoe

I had been wondering how Travis and I would cope now that the visiting friends part of our journey is over, and now it’s just us wandering aimlessly — but, we both managed to make new friends in Lake Tahoe!

At our first Lake Tahoe photo attempt, it was snowy over on the mountain side so it was hard to get a clear shot, but there was a goose chasing us around the parking lot, so that was fun. He was following Travis even before we got the pretzels out, but after Travis gave him a snack he chased us for the rest of the time we were there.

My new friends, on the other hand, are actually more friend’s for Cookie (my tuxedo cat) rather than myself. The pink cat, Candee, is the kitty I got in Bakersfield from 170 tickets of Buzzy Buzzy glory. Cupcake, my new pink cow, came from the arcade across the street in Lake Tahoe — we got her from lots of Buzzy Buzzy and my skilled jackpot win on one of those games where you have to stop the light on the “jackpot” button. If we keep it up at this rate we’re going to have a whole animal menagerie in the car by the time we return home.

Travis' New FriendCookie, Candee and Cupcake

So while we’ve clearly spent too much time playing Buzzy Buzzy in the arcades, we also had some time to take pictures (and by ‘we’ I mean me). Travis didn’t enjoy sitting outside in the cold wind while I was taking pictures, so he kept disappearing to the car. But anyway, we sat by the lake around lunchtime one day, then went back for sunset. I also spent some time trying to take pictures of snowflakes with my super macro setup, but they kept melting too fast for me to actually focus on them in time. I think I’d have to try snowflake pictures when it’s closer to freezing outside so it takes them longer to melt.

So, here are the some of the pictures I collected while in this lovely snowy environment — a picture of Travis’ goose friend flying (which also continues my bird photography obsession), picture of the lake, couple macro shots of random plants, and an HDR shot of the lake at sunset (my favorite).

Tomorrow we are moving on towards Death Valley area (or somewhere between here and Death Valley). Hopefully will be lots of fun!

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