Nothing much new

Got to Houston on Thursday, got $10 tickets for the Dodgers/Astros game. Enjoyed my free hot dog, chips and drink. Wanted to buy popcorn to throw at obnoxious, screaming children. They were really noisy, and kept shouting dumb stuff like “hit it that way” and pointing (we were in the 400s upper section), “strike him out!” when there was no one at the plate, and “yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHhHH!!” like hoarse ducks.

I wanted to bring my DSLR to the game originally, but then I checked the policies for cameras online, and it said something like “no lenses longer than 4 inches” which spoiled my plans of bringing my telephoto zoom lens and taking action pictures. I would have tried to sneak it in if we hadn’t walked a mile to the stadium from the hotel — didn’t want to get caught and have to walk back.

I had my little camera in my purse, so I took some awesome pictures of the back of someone’s head. I had pictures without people’s heads, but this one you can see the cool train full of oranges. There’s actually a guy who gets to sit in the train for the entire game and move it around when he gets bored. He came out for the 9th inning with a “make noise” sign. I guess if the Astros get a home run something cool happens with the train, but we didn’t get to see since they lost 0-2. Yay Dodgers.

Yesterday Travis went to a meeting all day. Today we are migrating to Dallas, and then we shall see what happens after that. I guess we no longer need to go to Beaumont or stay in Houston for work related purposes, so on with the journey!

So much for staying in the same place for a week.

6 thoughts on “Nothing much new

  1. Marvin and Jana says:

    Travis and Lindsay,

    We were glad we got to see you on your journey. Thanks for stopping by. Be safe on your journey and no more traffic tickets.

    Love to you both
    Marvin and Jana

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