Oh, New Mexico

Southern New Mexico has been quite a journey so far.

Weirdest place we’ve been so far (this trip): Silver City, New Mexico
In Silver City, the historical district is full of western style buildings and fonts, but mixed with more modern twists here and there. We stayed at the Palace Hotel in the historical district, which was the first offbeat non-chain hotel/motel we’ve stayed at thus far. It was a small hotel with 15 or 20 rooms of varying styles and decorations. The one we got was mint green with ivy stenciling, and a rusty red border at the top of the wall. We had a nice floral bedspread, a 12″ tv, and a sink faucet that shot out water so hard it splattered all over the floor whenever you tried to wash your hands. We went to the Silver City Brewery where they were out of everything I tried to order (hamburgers in general, bacon for my calzone). I eventually ended up with a weird calzone with chicken, jalapenos and pineapple (Travis picked the ingredients). He got some tasty wings though. After dinner we didn’t know what to do; nothing on tv, and there was no internet, although in retrospect that may have been because I never turned the internet switch back on after I used my laptop in the car yesterday. We thought about going outside, but the only thing that was open in town was a bar which was conveniently located below our window, so although we did not head out to investigate, we could hear all the people and their noisy cars all night. Everyone had a noisy car.

WNM University Fail: This morning we woke up and went for a walk up and down the street, then headed over to Western New Mexico University, which we had seen yesterday, and I had decided that perhaps I would be able to find something that said WNM on it, but alas, they are either WNMU or ‘Western’. They are the Mustangs–not nearly as cool as Anteaters.

Gas Fail: So then we migrated to an overlook of a Copper Mine — the oldest still-functioning Copper Mine in the country, took pictures, etc. Then Travis decided we were going to drive up to the vista point in Gila National Park. I started driving up the hills to the summit, and suddenly realized the little yellow gas light was on (I’m going to blame this on Travis because he insists we wait until the tank is empty before we consider gas). I was concerned about the state of gas, but Travis figured we had about 60 miles or so we could go to find a gas station. So we go up up up to the vista point, took pictures, then practiced our skills at rolling downhill, starting to worry a little bit about gas stations. Plugged the nearest gas station into the GPS — 30 miles. Uh oh. We see a sign that says the next little town, Hillsboro, is 9 miles away. We get there, drive through it — came across a one pump station with a “open 24 hours” sign. Apparently “open 24 hours” does not mean “open at 12:30pm on a Monday.” Our mistake. So we headed on, watching the mileage countdown in his car (his car is smart). It got down to about 12 miles left in the tank when we found a gas station in Truth or Consequences, NM. Filled up 17.58 gallons (18 gallon tank). Pretty close!

Lesson Learned: When in the middle of no where, must start to think about gas + gas stations *before* the little yellow light comes on.

Animal Sightings in Gila National Park: We found a dead Bambi which we thought looked like a kangaroo from the angle it was laying. I mean, it couldn’t have been a kangaroo, but that’s what it looked like from afar. We also found an angry cow on the side of the road (like right on the side). Travis tried his DSLR skills, but they were all fuzzy. And the cow was scary. With horns. And then we saw a wild pig, but in the excitement, Travis could not figure out how to get the lens cap off, turn the camera on and take a picture before it ran away. We need to work on his camera skills, otherwise he’s going to lose his passenger seat privileges.

Will post appropriate pictures later. We are sitting in the parking lot of a Super 8, and the stock market just closed so it is time to move along. Hopefully post-lunch will be equally as eventful as this morning 🙂

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