One month on the road!

May 1st! We have officially been on the road for one month.

So far we have been driving 31 days to 8 states, 3 state capitals (but only pictures of 2). Slept in 20 cities: 11 times at hotels, 8 at motels; 3 times with friends, 3 times with family; 4 times camping, and 2 other. Although only sleeping in 20 cities, we have stopped in at least 34 for room, food, sleep or gas. Probably even more when you consider gas, but I only count them if we found specialty nerds ropes there. Speaking of nerds ropes…

We have found nerds ropes only 5 times (and I always check): 3 times tropical, 1 time berry, and 1 time Easter. I have bought 11 tropical nerds ropes, 2 berry nerds ropes and only 1 easter nerds rope (but they have not all been consumed). I have only encountered tropical nerds ropes once (in Louisiana) and not purchased any, and that’s because I bought 9 two days prior in Dallas.

We generally eat 2 meals a day (breakfast or lunch, and dinner). This is 45 *different* restaurants (we’ve had several repeats). We’ve also cooked food for ourselves 2 nights (3 if you count Travis grilling for Julie and Brooks); we’ve been cooked for 1 night, and eaten leftovers only 1 time. We’ve been to Subway 5 times, Chick-fil-a 2 times, and eaten 4 continental breakfasts. We’ve had Mexican food 9 times, Asian food 5 times (2x Chinese, 1 Thai, 1 Japanese, 1 Mongolian BBQ… Is that Asian?), Seafood 3 times, Pizza only 2 times. Our longest streak of Mexican food was only 3 days, but for awhile it felt like that was all we ate. We have had American food at least 13 times (hamburgers, BBQ, ribs, wings, etc). We have had fast food hamburgers only 4 times, and at 4 different restaurants (In’n’Out, McDonald’s, Whataburger, Krystal). If you put the food we ate on a scale, chicken on one side and cow on the other, the cow side would have tipped over. We have replaced a meal with dessert 3 times.

Since I started my blog I have made 29 posts (this is the 30th). 5 are pre-trip, the rest are from the road. I have taken 76.9 gigabytes of photos on this trip (stupid RAW files), which is 4660 photos. The 10,000th photo I took on my camera (the number rolled over and started from 1 again) was a picture of Travis and I sitting on some sand dunes at White Sands National Monument. That was the only time we took pictures of both of us this entire trip (and the number reset was purely coincidental). My favorite picture series are Mono Lake in California, my Monument Valley sheep in Utah, and the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix.

We have driven 4,226 miles via GoogleMaps which is a solid 3 days and 2 hours in the car. This doesn’t include excursions and driving around town. Travis’ odometer says 5460 miles. The scariest road Travis drove was Berkeley, CA to Lake Tahoe, NV after recent snow. The scariest time I drove was when the rain pounded down so hard in Louisiana I couldn’t see the road.

My personal favorite places are Death Valley, CA, Phoenix, AZ and New Orleans, LA. Travis’ favorites are Page, AZ, San Francisco, CA, and New Orleans.

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