Sadness for no internets

We stayed at hotels/motels for the last 2 nights with no internet, and my laptop battery doesn’t have the power to survive massive photo uploads during our lunchtime internet hour (today sitting outside a Days Inn in Carlsbad, NM). So, I guess I shall just babble, and then post pictures later.

So after the gas fiasco of yesterday, we had some mediocre Mexican food in Truth or Consequences, NM (you’d think New Mexico would have better Mexican food, but our favorite place so far was back in Page, AZ). Then we went on to White Sands National Monument, where we wandered from around 4:30pm to 8:00pm (had to watch the sunset over the sand dunes). I have lots of pictures, but haven’t had time to play with them yet.

After that, we went to Alamogordo, NM, which was a fairly uneventful place. We decided to stay at a Motel 6, because it was $20-$40 cheaper than most of the other motel/hotels in the area. Travis has since decided we are never staying at a Motel 6 again. I have some notes.

Why we will not stay at the Motel 6:
No complementary breakfast (we like our free bread, bad coffee, and breakfast cereal knock-offs)
No internet, wireless or Ethernet, except for the 1 bar signal from the Comfort Inn across the street (this was the main issue)
Creepy People. When we pulled up, there were several doors just hanging open with people sitting in their doorways smoking or staring. We had this issue in Flagstaff, AZ also, where there was always a guy smoking in the doorway to the hall who was more than willing to offer opinions on vending machine purchases.
Fierce toilet which flushed like it was trying to suck everything in the room into its soul.
Backwards Shower. Most showers have the spray nozzle on the wall, and so you face away from the wall when you shower. Not at the Motel 6. At the Motel 6 you shower against the wall and feel claustrophobic from all the steam. It’s fun.
TV controlled by ghosts. The channels were weird, and it randomly turned itself off when it got bored.

So yes, New Mexico continues to be fun. Today we are going to Carlsbad Caverns (underground cave thingies of some sort, with bats), and then we are going to drive towards Austin, TX. Not sure if we’ll get there, or if we’ll get bored/tired before and find some awesome place to stay, but if we don’t get there tonight we’ll get there tomorrow. Eventually I’ll have internet so I can post pictures of Silver City, White Sands National Monument, and Carlsbad Caverns.

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