Testing Sunset Pictures Display

So the POD arrived today, we can finally start moving things out of our apartment. I guess I need to start packing soon, haha.

I’m getting really excited for leaving soon — even though I know there’s a ton of things to do in the next week. I have to clean-up + pack, probably purchase a few necessities for the trip, go to work for a few more hours (solely to fill out my timesheet and get my favorite Diedrich coffee cup if nothing else), and finish getting excited and ready to travel. I also need to prep my laptop for the trip (need to install all my photo editing programs).

Other than that — still not much to report; we are in the preparation stage, but we’re at the slightly more stressful point where the past few weeks of procrastination is really going to kick us in the butt this weekend. Oh well ~ such is life.

I’ve spent my last few weeks in Orange County before the trip trying to take pictures on the way too and from work, particularly when there are sunsets with clouds (clouds make the sunsets infinitely cooler). So here are a few favorites from recently:

Kite Surfing in Huntington BeachSeagull at Sunset ~ Huntington BeachSeal Beach Sunset DiptychHuntington Beach SunsetSeagull Silhouettes ~ Huntington BeachSunset Light Trails

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