The unexcitment of Las Vegas

I think I was not thrilled by Vegas because a) I’ve been there 3 times before, b) we were in Lake Tahoe (gambling city) last week and c) Vegas is just a more expensive version of Tahoe. We didn’t really do much of anything Vegas-y anyway.

Day 1 we got to our room at the MGM Grand, took our post-Death Valley showers, found dinner at New York New York, and then wandered back up to our room and went to sleep.

Day 2 I got a haircut, then we watched a screener of a proposed show at the MGM Studiowalk and took a survey for fun, ordered room service, and took the monorail 4 stops up the strip and walked back so I could take pictures.

Day 3 we woke up and left for Page, AZ around lunchtime.

Overall, I could have done without stopping here, but oh well. I took pictures, although more out of obligation to my trip logging rather than actually caring about Vegas. Also, I was too lazy to lug a tripod up the street (despite wanting to do night photography pictures), so that limited some of my options since my camera handholding skills are quite poor.

I’m pretty sure the first 2 are outside Paris, #3 is a random slot machine somewhere (I think they frown upon cameras inside casinos, so I was just trying to be discreet and see what I got), #4 is the new “City Center” they are building with hotels and condos (since there aren’t enough hotels in Vegas already), and #5 is just a shot down the strip from the bridge connecting the MGM Grand with New York New York.

2 thoughts on “The unexcitment of Las Vegas

  1. Lindsay says:

    I wouldn’t have minded doing more long exposures in Vegas, it’s just there are too many drunk people willing to trip over tripods and weirdos snapping cards for hookers in your face that I decided not to draw attention to myself by dragging a tripod up the strip.

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