We are most productive, most productive.

Sorry for the emu post yesterday (emo, whatever), but speaking of birds… I saw many today! We went to Sandwich, MA to go to the Sandwich Glass Museum and right across the street was a lake with two swans in it. I got excited and told Travis to drive around the perimeter of the lake (since they were swimming away from my vantage point). He wasn’t pleased because there weren’t many parking options along the lake, but suddenly a flock of geese decided to cross the road in the middle of traffic so I took that opportunity to hop out of the car and chase both the geese and the swans.

They aren’t nearly as exciting or as cute as baby ducks. In fact, I can now see why the ugly duckling in the children’s book was such a sad panda — not that baby swans are ugly; just ducks are so much cuter. Baby geese aren’t much better (or perhaps they are worse — their eyelids were white and creepy). Baby ducks win the baby bird cuteness competition hands down.

Other than birds… We went to the Sandwich Glass Museum, which was a neat collection of antique blown and pressed glass, along with a glass blowing demonstration. We also went to the Cape Cod Potato Chip Company Factory Tour which wasn’t too exciting but was very tasty (can’t beat free chip samples). We stopped through Providence, RI for a picture of the State House and dinner, and then wandered onwards to Connecticut because it was cheaper. Tomorrow we go to NYC for a few days, and then we head home!

Little Mirabelle is planning to help drive the return trip home.
Teaching young Mirabelle to drive. I'm not sure she can see out the window.

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  1. behshad says:

    Bryan told me to write a strongly worded letter.

    This is a strongly worded letter. We are living vicariously through you and can’t do so without updates!

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