White Sands National Monument

#1 – Random Sand Dune swirls
#2 – a Yucca plant (I finally learned the name of the plant after I got bored of calling them “stunted palm trees with alien fronds”
#3 – close-up of the Yucca flower/frond
#4 – some sand dune flowers
#5 – little beetle struggling to climb a dune
#6 – some plants in a dried up lake area
#7 – dune ripples close to sunset

I have some pictures from sunset time also, but some of them need to be experimentally panorama’d to see how they look. I might post some later.

New car game: (Travis was thrilled) We are currently in Sonora, TX, which was a nice 4 hour drive from Carlsbad, NM. I did the whole drive (yay me). Around the 3rd hour I created an awesome game called “saw a bug, heard a bug” which is basically as it sounds. Whenever I see a bug in the light or hear it splat on the windshield I say “saw a bug!” or “heard a bug!” until Travis tells me to be quiet. It works really well at night since the only things you can see are the road directly ahead, and bugs–plus, if you put the car in cruise control, all you gotta do is just aim it at the road and then you can concentrate on finding/hearing bugs. I’ll have to take a picture of our windshield tomorrow just to show you how appropriate this game is (I love driving).

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