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Ever since I found out I was moving to Texas I’ve gone on a photo spree taking advantage of my time left in CA to take nice shots of things that I’ve grown up around and take for granted. One of the shots I wanted to get before I left was a nice shot of the L.A. Skyline, which is tricky since you not only need the weather to cooperate, but it usually works best on the 3rd day after a long weekend (less smog) and/or after a rainstorm.

Lucky for me, the day after Christmas happened to have all of these factors rolled up into one — it rained the night before, clearing the air after the long holiday weekend so we got a gorgeous smogfree view of L.A. Note the difference from the same vantage point on an average day in L.A. Crazy.

It was actually looking to be a pretty dull sunset, since the clouds were blocking out the sun, but there was a moment right as the sunset that the pink glow peeked through onto the buildings and mountains. It was only lit for a few minutes, but I took advantage of the moment and took some close-ups of the city as well as a giant panorama so I could see how the pink stretched across the mountains. Usually you can barely see the mountains!

We waited a little longer after sunset to see how the city looked at night, messed around a little bit with intentionally blurry photos (bokeh is fun!) But yea… I look forward to finding new and exciting places to shoot in Texas, although I will miss my quick beach/pier/sunset access whenever the sky looks good. It will be an adventure I’m sure!

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