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Downtown Dallas

Here we go, some really really late backwards blog posting, just for completions sake.

Dallas Aerial View
Dallas Aerial View

We’ve traditionally managed to schedule larger trips for the beginning of July — originally because it was convenient for work and school breaks, but later because it was the date for engagements and anniversaries.

After traveling internationally for the last 3 years (2008 Costa Rica, 2009 Canada on the Road Trip, 2010 Europe), we finally decided to stay home for the 4th of July and save our “big trip” for the following month — a week-long trip to Alaska to visit Denali National Park and check another coin off the list.

We didn’t want to be completely boring though, so we decided to do a little something different, an aerial tour of Dallas-Fort Worth.

Storm Clouds over Fort Worth
Storm Clouds over Fort Worth

Travis booked the tour late in the afternoon to provide for more interesting light. I rented a 70-200mm f/2.8 from a local camera shop, which – I was happy to discover – only charges a one-day rate for an entire weekend (since they aren’t open Saturday/Sunday for returns). I ended up getting the lens from Friday – Tuesday (because of the 4th of July holiday) for the cost of a one-day rental. Score!

The views on the flight were nice, although the light and the visibility conditions were pretty unfavorable. I have seen days when you can see the city of Dallas clearly from the tarmac at DFW — this was not one of those days. Additionally, there was a Rangers game that night so they wouldn’t let us fly over Ranger Ballpark and Cowboys Stadium. And there were some storm clouds so we couldn’t fly through those. It was pretty limiting.

We’ll have to try the aerial concept again in a different location someday, maybe on a vacation over some nice clear blue water…


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