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I was spending a lazy afternoon playing around on my computer at a hotel in Tampa. It was a nice hotel, right on the water, but I wasn’t sure that there was much to do other than play on the computer.

Anyway, after staring out the window for awhile, I started to wonder if there were any cool birds out there, like a flamingo. I did some quick research to discover that there aren’t flamingos in the area, but there are another sort of pink bird called the Roseate Spoonbill. I popped my 200mm lens onto the camera and took a scouting photo out my window. Zooming into a 100% crop, it definitely looked like there were some pink birds outside.

Excited, I got my camera and went for a walk down on the boardwalk. It took awhile to find a good spot down on the water near the birds, but eventually I succeeded.



I didn’t spend too long down there since I eventually had to go to work, but I was super excited for the pink birds.

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