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We visited Mono Lake on our road trip in 2009 and I’ve always wanted to return. Something about the complex looking tufa over the serene lake excited me, though Travis never quite understood my obsession. Nevertheless, he finally gave in to my requests and took me back to see the lake.

We got to the area (barely) in time for sunset, but didn’t pick a good vantage point/angle. We were a little too close to the mountains, and should have picked somewhere further up the shore so we would have light longer. Oh well.

The next morning I dragged him out nice and early for sunrise. He decided to work in the car like some lame person while I went out to the tufa and had fun with the lovely sunrise.

I still think Mono Lake is awesome, and I think I have partially converted Travis.

IMG_6534 copy

IMG_6562 copy

IMG_6578 copy

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IMG_6555 copy

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