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Eureka Springs, Round 2

This was our second trip to Eureka Springs, as we originally stopped through on our 2019 fail foliage trip.  We did much of the same activities as the first time around, wandering around downtown, visiting Thorncrown Chapel and driving to Beaver Lake, but the foliage was much more favorable this time around.

Our trip began with the 381mi drive from Dallas to Eureka Springs, which was a long drive for the kids but it’s nice to get the trip jump-started so we can sightsee new areas rather than stay in hotels close to home.  We got to Eureka Springs right before sunset and managed to make a quick stop over at Beaver Lake for some sunset reflections.

A colorful sunset reflecting in the still surface of Beaver Lake in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

The following morning I woke up dark and early and drove over to downtown Eureka Springs and wandered around in the chilly autumn morning air while the husband and kids were still sleeping.

Once everyone was up, we did a quick stop by Thorncrown Chapel then went over to Leatherwood Lake which had both scenic lake views as well as an excellent playground to keep the littles busy.

For the golden hour I did another solo drive out towards Beaver Lake looking for anywhere with a view of the lake, and then did a climb up Razorback Tower to check out the sunset.

The following morning I drove around looking for foggy lake views and then we packed up to head onwards to Missouri!

Morning view of the beautiful autumn colors lining the path to Thorncrown Chapel.
A late afternoon view of Beaver Lake through the autumn trees.
Sunset view of Eureka Springs from Razorback Tower. Only $1 to climb to the top! The hardest part was fitting my camera bag through the turnstile with me.
Boat launch area on the foggy shores of Lake Leatherwood.
Foggy morning at Lake Leatherwood.
Looking out over a foggy Beaver Lake on a crisp autumn morning in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

This is kinda fun; use the arrows to swipe back and forth between a shot from our 2019 trip and our 2021 trip.  It might have worked better if I’d thought about it in advance and actually lined up the shots to get the exact angles, but this is the best I can do with what I have.  These were taken on 11/10/19 and 11/4/21, respectively. 

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