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Hazy Days in the Palouse

We didn’t do much on our stay in Kennewick, Washington. Our hotel was on Clover Island so we had a nice view of the Columbia River but didn’t do much other than that.  On our way out we decided to make a winery stop in Pasco, but had trouble finding one open before noon on a Sunday so decided to kill time by driving to Walla Walla and finding a winery there before continuing our drive through Washington.

We wanted to visit Palouse Falls and Steptoe Butte State Park, so decided to do a day drive by Palouse Falls and then stay in Colfax, WA for two nights to get all our fill of colorful rolling hilly goodness.  In retrospect we didn’t need to spend two nights there since the weather was bland and the visibility was not ideal, but the hotel was relatively cheap and had good internet so we took the opportunity to relax and catch up on various computer things before heading into Glacier National Park where we were likely to have very poor/nonexistent internet.

View of Palouse Falls with a colorful rainbow.
Looking down the Palouse River with a view of Palouse Falls.

Our stop at Palouse Falls was fairly quick.  It was bright and sunny and nearly 100°F.  The kids didn’t want to get out of the car A/C so I did some quick photos and then we headed out.

We got into Colfax, WA in the late afternoon and had some fun trying to find food.  There were only a few restaurants in town and several of them were closed on Sun/Mon or in general due to staffing shortages and covid.  

For sunset we headed out to Steptoe Butte State Park, and I went there again for sunrise (plus a scenic drive around the area).  The visibility left something to be desired but the shades of yellows and greens on the rolling hills was pretty.  Luckily I was diligent about photos on that first sunset and sunrise, because our second day turned into overcast haze where we could barely see the sun and it didn’t get better for the remainder of our stay in Colfax.  At least we had time to figure out where we were going next!

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