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On the Road in Texas

Dallas to Lubbock

Once again we found ourselves in West Texas for Thanksgiving, so I naturally I had to continue my quest for cotton field photos and scenic pump jacks.  The skies were clear and boring and we didn’t stop much on the drive out. The original plan was an open-ended trip where we would visit family and hopefully find some nice cotton fields and stay as many days as I wanted, but this year’s harvest was earlier than 2019 so we found very few fields that still had cotton.

We also took some new Lubbock skyline photos from near Texas Tech.

We thought about extending our trip to go through Palo Duro or Caprock Canyon, but we ultimately decided to head home and make a few scenic stops along the way.  I knew of a Texas flag barn in Stephenville to check out, and then we stopped for some Fort Worth skyline photos as well.

Roadside view of a Texas flag barn in Stephenville, TX.
A view of a rail yard with the Fort Worth skyline.
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