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I’ve been living in Texas seven years now and I’ve decided it’s time to make more of an effort to expand my Texas portfolio beyond bluebonnet fields and the Dallas skyline.  My most recent target?  The ripe cotton fields of Lubbock, TX.

A trip to visit family in Lubbock conveniently coincided with cotton season.  We decided to schedule our arrival so that we would be approaching Lubbock’s cotton fields around sunset hours.

I didn’t have a particular spot in mind so we just drove down Hwy 84 towards Lubbock until I saw a field that looked nice.  We took some shots in the afternoon sun, then drove a bit more for sunset shots, which we got off 98th St in Lubbock.

I was told this year wasn’t as good for the cotton harvest, but as someone who’s never seen cotton before I thought they were quite scenic.  I’m sure all the people who drove as I was taking pictures of the cotton fields thought I was incredibly strange for taking so many photos of something so normal in the area.

More photos below, and some of my favorites in my print shop.

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