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We used to have really amazing weather luck; I don’t know what happened.

Our past few planned trips have been very wet and cold. There was the -19°F Grand Canyon, the freezing temperatures in Colorado (oops, still need to write that blog), the snowy Yosemite, and now a weekend of rain in Oregon.

On the bright side, the grey rainy skies make for excellent waterfall photos. The lack of patchy sunlight makes for nice, evenly lit water, and it’s far easier to slow down the shutter speed to get silky waterfall shots.

Our entire weekend pretty much consisted of checking to see if Mt. Hood was visible, then taking a drive down the Columbia River Gorge to look at waterfalls. We saw most of the main waterfalls multiple times, which gave me ample opportunities to scout shots and figure out exactly which lens I wanted to soak in the waterfall mist.

All of my lenses were thoroughly sprayed by the falls, and after the weekend I bought an array of lens cleaning devices so Travis would stop shouting at me for using my shirt sleeve to dry my lenses.

The soggy weather also gave me an opportunity to test out opportunities to test out some techniques I hadn’t tried before: stacking macro shots.

I found some lovely dew drops on the way down to Latourell Falls. I’m not entirely sure what the flower was, but the water had cool refractions of the plant below it. I took a series of shots focused on different parts of the flower, and then stacked them in the computer when I got back to get one shot. Fun times!

Overall, I think my photography has improved since our last trip to the Columbia River Gorge.

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